• Modules and features MOOOSE

    Digital transformation solution for marketing & sales

  • distributed marketing engine

    Automated Marketing Distribution Engine

    MOOOSE allows you to work both with a network or complex organisation structures.


    Manage your campaigns and assets centrally and allow your audience to use / re-use your campaigns with the added flavour of personalising it to their needs. This way you guarantee corporate guidelines and a quick time to market.


    MOOOSE is also connected to our pick & pack area at ARTOOS. This allows marketers to offer their network of shops the possibility to distribute, store and ship marketing materials for retail stores.


    The output can be: e-mail marketing, mobile marketing, print materials, in store content distribution, narrow casting/digital signage etc.

    marketing communication shop

    Marketing & communication shop

    We all shop on e-commerce platforms like Zalando, Amazon or Allibaba, so we learned from the best and designed our MOOOSE platform like it was an e-commerce website. You can literally shop for your multichannel campaigns on your laptop or tablet.


    If you want one shop or one per brand/country/region etc., we can offer you the matching solution. On top, you can decide how people can "pay" for using your campaigns: a credit system, for free, online payment or a mixed version? MOOOSE has features to cater for all different type of strategies.

    print on demand, web to print

    Printing on Demand | Web to Print

    This is Artoos' answer to print automation... We brought more than 50 years experience in the print world to the digital era. MOOOSE allows a marketing team to automate simple and complex marketing flows. You can start by just one document (e.g. business card) and MOOOSE will grow gradually with your needs.
    But it does not limit you with just a simple web to print flow. It scales with you and for you. It is a multi-channel automation platform that allows you to personalise any message. Our expertise allows us even to fully automate direct mail and act beyond simple versioning or personalisation.

    personalisatie personalisation

    Personalisation Engine

    Personalisation and customisation are key for marketers, from automated trigger based direct mail to the personalisation of complete flyers, posters, e-mails, screen messages etc. MOOOSE has it!

    workflow engine approval

    Workflow Engine

    The workflow engine allows users to see immediately the status  of their order/request. Approval flows and its communication are fully automated and tailored to the needs of the client. Collaborative workflows is part of our DNA.

    quick time to market

    Quick time to market

    With MOOOSE, launching campaigns is a child's play within MOOOSE and  implementing MOOOSE for your business does not take months. This way, within a quarter you can already feel the effect of the optimisation.


    The SAAS (Software as a Service) environment allows us to launch new brands/organisations onto the platform with internal staff.

    Digital Asset Management DAM

    Digital Asset management

    Managing your assets centrally is a challenge for every marketer. With the seamless integration with ADAM (one of the world's best Digital Asset Management platforms) we can offer our clients the perfect solution for managing digital assets centrally. Your network can access or use your assets when you want it!

    multichannel campaigns

    Multichannel campaigns

    MOOOSE Campaigns allows brands to create and launch campaigns that can be distributed through their network. From direct mails, e-mail to mobile campaigns. You govern the branding through templates and your network of shops, resellers, etc can personalise the messages and if needed send it.

    warehouse, stockbeheer

    Warehouse Engine

    MOOOSE Pick & Pack allows organisations to delocalise their warehouse and store products at our production site in Kampenhout (Belgium). But MOOOSE can also manage hibrid environments, where only part of the stock is located at our premises. You have the freedom to fully automate the way you want to work!

    POS retail

    POS & retail engine

    MOOOSE empowers retail store owners to create their own local campaigns, driven by centralised templates. This way the HQ marketing team can service local store owners in the best way possible. From local direct mail campaigns, ordering of posters & leaflets to in store content distribution and POS promo material like cardboard printed totems, cubes etc.

    dashboard KPI

    C-level dashboard

    As manager you want to see at a glance who is using the platform and who is not. MOOOSE offers real-time dashboarding with standard ability to see high/low performers (users & products). On top with one click you can approve or cancel orders. 


    We also offer the possibility to customise the dashboard to your needs. Contact us for more information.

    trigger based direct mailing

    Trigger based Direct Mail

    With MOOOSE DM, you can automate your direct mail campaigns completely. No more uploads in batch, but based on a trigger (Eg. webservice) of your website, mobile app or your CRM/ERP platform, the direct mail is sent out within 24 hours, fully personalised to your customers profile and at the same time we'll also distribute the message on other channels. Speed, convenience and conversion at work!

    sample generator

    Sample Generator | multi-product generator

    If you have challenges to provide samples or a grouped amount of products to your target audience, start using MOOOSE! You decide the structure and the way it is packed & shipped, your network does the work for you.


    By using the combination of this feature with our warehouse at Artoos (Kampenhout - Belgium), you can speed up the process of delivering throughout the whole world.

    data management

    Data Management

    Managing data for organisations  is sometimes a challenge. With MOOOSE Data Management, you can manage local en centralised data to enable you to send out marketing and communication campaigns.

    connect integration

    MOOOSE Connect

    MOOOSE allows brands and companies to integrate a powerful automated marketing distribution engine within their network (intranet, extranet etc.) or synchronise data in real-time. With standard connectors for most popular CRM/ERP packages and Campaign tools, MOOOSE offers you a powerfull platform for engaging and activating your target audience.

    cloud solution

    Cloud solution

    MOOOSE is a 100% cloud solution and clients have a SAAS (Software as a Service) licence model. MOOOSE is therefore aways on and accessible from every corner of this planet.


    For more secure environments we offer an inhouse solution as well.

    mobile solution

    Mobile ready

    Order your campaigns on the go. The platform MOOOSE is optimised for mobile use. It's not only mobile ready (responsive design), but all programming flows are optimised to use it on a 3G or 4G connection. Ordering your Point of Sales material while travelling countries is therefore child's play.